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Clamping washer TAD-60

Pressure flange for fixing the outer layer of thermal insulation in a wooden or metal substrate with a properly selected screw

Certificates / Approvals / Declarations

Technical Approval ITB AT-15-9767/2016

ZKP Certificate

Product description

Features and benefits

An additional masking plug eliminates thermal bridges and ensures aesthetic assembly.

As a few, we’ve placed the plug outside the plate, thanks to which the collar’s high rigidity has been maintained.

Suitable for any thickness of insulation layer. The right screw must be selected.

Installation possible with optional TDW clamping washer.

Surface or recessed mounting possible with the use of a ZP-FS 67mm cutter and styrofoam discs.


For mechanical installation of thermal insulation materials (e.g. fixing of polystyrene, mineral wool) in wooden substrates, OSB boards or made of steel sheet. Often used in the thermal insulation of walls of Canadian homes.


impact resistant polypropylene PP

Substrate categories



OSB boards

Steel plate



Styrofoam boards

Mineral wool boards

Polyurethane sheets


Wood wool boards

Product Information

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