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Clamping washer TDW – version 2020

Pressure collar increasing the contact surface for fixing insulation wool

Product description

Features and benefits

TDW pressure plates are an improved construction in which we used advanced technical material reinforced with glass fiber. The new model means improved stiffness, increased impact resistance and perfect adhesion to the surface of the insulating layer.

In the new design, we took into account the convenience of installation, which is why TDW are equipped with a snap system compatible with FIX insulation pins.

To meet all requirements, we offer plates in three sizes: 90, 110 and 130 mm plate diameter.

Compatible with all available connectors: ŁIT, ŁIT-W, FIX-M, FIX-S, FIX-PA oraz TAD-60.

Especially recommended for fixing insulation wool.


For mechanical installation of thermal insulation materials, especially heavy mineral wool, which requires solid and reliable protection against displacement.


impact-resistant technical plastic reinforced with glass fiber.

Product Information

Logistic information

The model is packed in FIXING SYSTEM cardboard boxes of 100 pieces.

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