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Fastener ETX-M – Innovative solution in thermal insulation fixing

Jul 21, 2023 | News

Fixing thermal insulation is a key part of the process of insulating buildings, with a significant impact on energy efficiency and user comfort. In response to growing market demands and customer expectations, ZIEL-PLAST is launching a new generation of thermal insulation fasteners called ETX. The ETX series are innovative and technologically advanced styrofoam studs that provide durable and effective insulation connections on facades.

ETX-M – A New Standard In Insulation Fastening

Łącznik ETX-M

Discover a revolutionary solution in fixing thermal insulation! ZIEL-PLAST proudly presents the ETX-M – an innovative product that will ensure not only convenient installation, but also a stable and durable connection of polystyrene foam on the facade.

Durable, Effective, Simple


ETX-M stud is synonymous with strength and reliability. Made of the highest quality materials, it maintains a strong insulation connection for many years. Its innovative shape and precise workmanship make installation quick and easy, saving time and effort on the construction site.

ETX-M main features

The new ETX series of dowels is designed to provide even higher quality insulation fastening, easier installation and durability for years to come. The following are the most important features that set ETX-M apart:

1. innovative design and top-quality materials: ETX styrofoam fasteners are characterized by a unique shape that ensures stable driving into the substrate and secure seating of the thermal insulation. Made of the highest quality materials, they provide durability and resistance to weathering.

2. easier and faster installation: the ETX series fasteners are designed for simplicity and speed of installation. This will save you time and labor when fixing thermal insulation, which translates into efficiency in the construction process.

3. high strength: the ETX series dowels provide not only a durable, but also an exceptionally strong connection between the insulation and the wall. This is especially important in changing weather conditions.

4. corrosion resistance: ETX-M insulation fasteners are corrosion-resistant, which translates into a long service life and consistent fastener performance for many years.

5. Multifunctional: ETX fasteners work well with a variety of thermal insulation systems, making them a versatile and universal solution for construction projects.



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