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Plastic fastener ŁIT

Economical hammered facade plug with a plastic pin for fixing external thermal insulation ETICS

Certificates / Approvals / Declarations

Technical approval ITB AT-15-5509/2015

ZKP certificate

Declaration of Performance

Product description

Features and Benefits

Economical plugs for polystyrene, reducing the cost of the thermal insulation system.

Dowels available from 70 mm in total length.

The proven design of the insulating pins facilitates quick and trouble-free installation.

Can be installed with optional TDW pressure plates.

The possibility of surface or recessed mounting with the use of the ZP-FS 67mm cutter and polystyrene plugs.


For mechanical installation of thermal insulation materials (e.g. fixing polystyrene, mineral wool) in concrete or masonry substrate.


sleeve – polypropylene

pin – polypropylene

Substrate categories



Normal concrete of class C20/25 – C50/60


Class 15 ceramic solid brick


Aerated concrete


Facade insulation system (ETICS)

Styrofoam plates

Mineral wool plates

Polyurethane plates


Wood wool plates

Installation instructions

Product information

Characteristic resistance

Logistics information

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