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Frame fixing – ZP-RK Ø12

A universal frame plug with a flange and a galvanized hexagonal head screw for through-mounting

Certificates / Approvals / Declarations

European Technical Assessment ETA-21/0610

Declaration of Performance

Technical sheet – ZP-RK 12 / ZP-RS 12

Product description

Features and Benefits

Product quality confirmed by the European CE certificate.

Hexagonal washer head with TX socket increases the clamping surface and works with various user tools.

The frame plug with a large diameter flange perfectly insulates from the fastened material, thus preventing contact corrosion. It works especially well in the assembly of elements made of hard materials, such as steel structures.

The special design of the anchoring zone ensures unmatched load-bearing capacity in all categories of substrates according to ETAG 020 (A, B, C, D).

The geometry of the dowel is designed to spread in many planes..

The widely spaced projections on the surface of the dowel effectively prevent rotation in the ground.

The use of impact-resistant polyamide ensures resistance to hammer blows.

Improved shear and bending strength thanks to the use of a non-standard, larger screw diameter – under the head and in the threaded part.

Substrate categories


Normal grade concrete C12 / 15, concrete ≥ C16 / 20


Ceramic solid brick MZ;
solid silicate brick KS


Perforated silicate brick KSL;
Porotherm P+W 25 ceramic block


AAC2-AAC6 autoclaved aerated concrete


Assembly of light internal steel or wooden structures

Assembly of consoles in systems of light ventilated facades

  Installation of window and door joinery, garage doors, handrails and balustrades

Assembly of building equipment elements (e.g. air conditioners, heat exchangers)

Assembly of display windows, furniture, shelves, walls and others


Installation instructions

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Product information

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Characteristic resistance

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Logistics information

Frame fixings are packed in the FIXING SYSTEM cardboard packaging.

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