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How to mount the lamp on the facade?

Mar 21, 2022 | Advices, News

Ślimaki do styropianu


Almost everyone who has a terrace or balcony tries to create a unique atmosphere conducive to relaxation in this place. Usually flowers and garden furniture are the basic decorations. The styling is complemented by appropriate lighting. It is the well-chosen lighting that can create a unique atmosphere conducive to spending time on the terrace. Many people, however, have doubts as to how to mount the lamp, especially when the installation must be made on a facade made of styrofoam. In this article, we present some useful tips on how to deal with this task.

Spiralny wkręt tworzywowy SWT

Use plastic screw-in fasteners.

It is recommended to use plastic spiral dowel to mount the lamp on a styrofoam wall. Dowels of this type are made of polypropylene. This type of dowel cuts very conveniently into the material of the insulation board.

Before installing the lamp, choose the place where the pins will be screwed in.It should be borne in mind that the plug damages the polystyrene foam structure, which is then rather difficult to repair. When you choose the right place for the lamp, tighten the fastener using an Allen key. The activity should be performed gently, calmly and with sensitivity. Using too much force is rather unnecessary and may only unnecessarily damage a larger part of the facade. When the dowels are successfully screwed in, it remains to screw the lamp housing to them and connect the lighting to the electrical system.

What alternatives to dowels?

An alternative to using dowels is to screw a board or a wooden block in the place where the lamp is mounted. Then the lamp is mounted to the prepared reinforcement. Unfortunately, this method has a clear disadvantage in the form of large interference with the facades, which does not always look aesthetically. Therefore, although this method is quite simple and, above all, stable, not everyone wants to use it.

In our opinion, the most reasonable solution seems to be plastic screw-in fixing, which do not interfere with the appearance of the facade, because in most cases they are completely invisible under the lamp. Importantly, they fulfill their function without major problems, withstanding the load of a few kilograms lamp. It is not without significance that fixing the dowels is a relatively simple task that you can deal with yourself.

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