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Limiter for construction forms

A formwork spacer to keep all types of building forms the same width.

Certificates / Approvals / Declarations

A registered industrial design in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

Product description

Features and Benefits

Available in multiple sizes to suit any task. It works well with typical formwork ties.

Compatible with Plug for limiter.

The spacer ensures an even width of formwork, construction forms and formwork.

Additional enlarged flanges are especially useful in the case of too large openings in building forms.

The structure ensures a stable fixation in concrete.

Completely eliminates the time-consuming setting of the formwork width.


To keep the width of concrete building forms.

Two stops can be used for larger widths, e.g. for 300 mm spacing = 2 x 150 mm limiters.


High-impact plastic – PP polypropylene


Application example

Product information

Logistics information

The product is packed in a foil package.

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