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Mineral wool disc

Mineral wool plugs reducing the thermal permeability of the building’s insulating layer

Product description

Features and Benefits

They reduce thermal bridges formed in the place of application of insulation fasteners.

They allow the use of fasteners shorter by 20 mm with the same thickness of the insulation layer.

They provide a smooth and easy-to-process polystyrene surface on the facade.

Plugs cut out and placed in a cardboard box accelerate and facilitate installation.

For use with the ZP-FS 67mm cutter


For filling assembly cavities after the ZP-FS cutter and preventing heat transfer at the place of use of plastic connectors.


Heat transfer coefficients:

  • mineral wool – 0.038 W / sqm

Product information

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Installation instructions

Logistics information

The product is packed in FIXING SYSTEM cardboard boxes of 100 pieces.

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