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We are a manufacturer of products for the construction industry

Styrofoam dowels, reinforcement spacers, clamping washers, discs, cutter, holders for pipe and tubes ,clip for underfloor heating, plastic spiral dowel

System for thermoinsulation wallsfasteners

Dowels, clamping washers, cutter, discs

Installation in the insulation layer

Plastic spiral dowels

System for foundations

Reinforcement spacers, Limiter for construction forms

Installation of pipes and wires

Clip for underfloor heating, holders for pipes and tubes

For garden

Garden holders


The ZIEL-PLAST company was founded in 1999 and since then we have been continuously producing thermal insulation fasteners and other structural elements made of plastic.


Traditional segment

The company’s products are available throughout Poland. Thanks to our own transport fleet, we are able to reach our products anywhere in Poland.

Export segment

The offer is addressed to foreign partners.

Online shop

Buy ZIEL-PLAST products straight to your home.

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